Autumn Outfits


So, as you’ve probably all noticed, it’s Autumn – my favorite time of the year. I get to spend most of my days decorating my room and drinking big mugs of tea whilst wrapped in cozy blankets. The one problem I face every Autumn, is trying to rock my giant baggy jumpers and jeans, attempting to look like those stylish girls we all see on Pinterest and Instagram.



Today, I went on a walk with my sister and my grandma, to take photos of trees and flowers. I thought this was the perfect occasion to wear something stylish, cute and autumnal.

I wore a long-sleeved, yellow, white and black jumper from H&M. I also wore some black, skinny jeans from Superdry, which I rolled up at the bottom.


A couple of weeks ago I had a photo shoot in the woods with my friend Elin. I decided to dress her in an autumnal style.

She wore a plain black t-shirt from Primark. and some black, dungaree shorts from New Look. I paired this with a blue checked shirt with embroidered flowers on the sleeves.


You may be missing Summer, but I’m quite excited about my new style, as you can tell! Thank you for visiting my blog, come back again soon!


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